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New Project Page: Analog

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MIT Art Party PowerPoint Presentation

As promised, here is the PowerPoint presentation from my photography workshop at the MIT Art Party. Click here to download.

Combining Hobbies: Programming, Electronics & Photography Part III

For better or worse, I made the decision to jump right into soldering as my next step with my camera. I’d soldered before but never to such a great extent with an end goal in mind. I began by arranging the components with ease of access/sight of the buttons and screen. I then, very slowly/painfully set about soldering everything. After roughly 7 – 10 hours I’d soldered everything together.


Combining Hobbies: Programming, Electronics & Photography Part II

While I waited for the Arducam camera to arrive I set about designing the user display/inputs. After a bunch of sketching, I narrowed my setup to include an 16×2 LCD screen and 4 input buttons. I also brainstormed the settings I wanted to control. You can see the setup in action below.


Added Mexico Photos to September 2015 – November 2015 Singles Collection

Combining Hobbies: Programming, Electronics & Photography Part I

At some point several weeks ago I set about brainstorming what new project I wanted to work on. I scribbled out subjects I had experience with or wanted to learn about and I ended up drawing circles around programming, electronics, and photography as a good combination. I knew nothing of programming, just a little bit about electronics, and probably an unhealthy amount about photography.


First Place in the 2015 Boston Area Peace Corps Photo Competition!

I guess it’s time I add an awards section to my about me for all those awards I’m totally going to win (kidding). This photo, along with the two other photos shown below, will be hanging in Ula Cafe for the next month and then rotate through several restaurants over the coming months.


Thoughts on the Day to Day

What do all of these photos have in common?


For Sale!

I’ve decided to go ahead and open an Etsy Store! The shop is listed under main on the menu or you can click here. Click below to read more. All proceeds go to Kiva.