I’ve decided to go ahead and open an Etsy Store! The shop is listed under main on the menu or you can click here. Click below to read more. All proceeds go to Kiva.

Photography and international development are my passions. After finishing Peace Corps I spent two months traveling in Central America. With my photographs, I hope to raise funds, via kiva.org, for those who made my journey so amazing.

Questions and Answers:
Q: Why Photography for Philanthropy?
A: I originally created this store as a way to make some money on the side. However, I quickly realized doing my passion of photography for money just wasn’t something I was passionate about. One day, I had an epiphany in the shower and realized I could shift the focus of the store towards raising money for Kiva.org to help people in developing countries achieve their personal dreams.

Q: Why Kiva?
A: My first donation to Kiva was several years ago. The unique thing about Kiva though is that the people you donate to receive an interest free loan and eventually are able to pay back the full amount you donated. That money can then be used to help another individual. I’ve been paid back that original donation several times now and I just lent it out again the other day. Currently I have about $150 “loaned” out throughout Central America and would like to make that number grow.

Q: Why Central America?
A: I lived for two years in Panama serving in the Peace Corps and the spent about 3 months traveling north to Mexico. I’m familiar with the area and have a connection and understanding to the needs of the people there.

Q: Got another question?
A: Shoot me a message!