For better or worse, I made the decision to jump right into soldering as my next step with my camera. I’d soldered before but never to such a great extent with an end goal in mind. I began by arranging the components with ease of access/sight of the buttons and screen. I then, very slowly/painfully set about soldering everything. After roughly 7 – 10 hours I’d soldered everything together.

Some lessons learned:

  • Perfboards suck, go with stripboards. But then, perfboards suck, make a PCB. That’ll be one of my next steps in this whole learning electronics journey.
  • Do not solder under low light or for several hours at once. Also, like they say in carpentry to measure twice and cut once, place your pins/wires/components twice and solder once.

Saturday Night Soldering


Sunday Morning Soldering


Finished Bottom Shot

Finished Top Shot

Finished Top Shot

Next step was to consider the housing. I have access to a laser cutter and CNC machine but for the time being, decided on a very rudimentary housing with some screws, nuts, and wood. I just purchased a 3D printer so I might revisit case design at a future date. For now this is where the project will take a pause since I already have an idea for a version 2 of this whole project.


Finished Project!

Time to head out and shoot some cooler pictures.


For now, enjoy a typical timelapse shot I took from my kitchen window.  Just an FYI, it is of terrible quality, I know. I was more focused on just getting the thing to work, the next step will be learning how to take good pictures with my new camera.  Also, the jerkiness is due to my roommates/pets/me bumping into the camera. (Another design consideration!)